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An efficient private sector is the way forward for Africa

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Welcome to the official website of New Nation Project

New Nation is the first major undertaking of Dukwe & the 21 Pillars for Global Development Equity.

New Nation is a grandmaster plan to turn Nigeria into America in our life time. It is a national project set out to bring about various solutions (empowerment programmes) to human problems in the country, just like they have it in America for the betterment of the lives of the average Nigerian citizen.

New Nation is anchored on the most important catalyst for true development, which is an efficient private sector. Therefore, New Nation is the missing private sector response to various government policies, which is the reason behind the under-development of Nigeria for a very long time.
We are branded by analysts as the new face of capitalism.


New Nation exposes ‘forgotten corners’ of northern states, Nigeria
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New Nation reaches 37 branches
The New Nation Project, a revolutionary scheme to turn Nigeria into America in our lifetime has incr...... Read more +
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Our mission is to be the leading project that will bring about a rapid development of 50 African countries up to global average in 21 key sectors covering access to debit, credit, mortgage, housing, food, water, power, justice, education, emergency relief, healthcare, environment, road, planner, IT, telecommunication, transportation, security, venture capital, faith, and insurance, through the utilization of the power of the private sector in innovation, capital generation, fiscal conservatism and profit focus.

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